Avis e-Toll Complaints / Budget e-Toll Complaints

Our firm, jointly with Abbey Spanier, LLP, is currently investigating Avis and Budget e-Toll complaints which arise from Avis Budget Group’s allegedly fraudulent practice of charging its rental car customers hidden fees for using an automatic toll payment service (“e-Toll”) in certain rental cars.  Together, we represent the plaintiff and a putative class in a case filed in the District Court of New Jersey, Mendez v. Avis Budget Group, Inc.

As alleged by the plaintiff in that case, a customer incurs automatic daily charges for every single day of the rental period even when the customer uses the e-Toll device just once during the rental period.  Our investigation has uncovered that this practice often leads to Avis e-Toll complaints / Budget e-Toll complaints. Currently that charge is $3.95 per day with a maximum of $16.75 per rental month.

Avis Budget Group provides its toll program administrator, Highway Toll Administration, with customers’ credit card information so that the toll program administrator may bill Avis Budget Group’s  customers for tolls and toll fees.  Adding insult to injury, Avis Budget Group and Highway Toll Administration charge their customers for tolls paid through e-Toll at the cash payment rate, rather than at the significantly discounted rate that they actually pay toll authorities, retaining the mark-up for themselves.

We believe that Avis Budget Group does not disclose to its customers in its customer rental agreement that customers will be charged the automatic daily charge every day of their rental period, that they are paying Avis Budget Group a higher amount for tolls than the toll amount actually incurred and that their credit card information is being shared with the toll program administrator.

If you have questions about our investigation regarding Avis e-Toll complaints or the pending class action pending in the District Court of New Jersey, please contact  Lite DePalma Greenberg, LLC.